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I'm sorry, Roma :iconstrikxen:Strikxen 0 0
Mature content
I will keep you safe -5- (Supernatural-Hetalia) :iconstrikxen:Strikxen 6 5
Mature content
Romano's Note (GuateMano) :iconstrikxen:Strikxen 2 16
Silent Beauty ~12~
You woke to a hand shaking your shoulder. In your mostly asleep haze, you imagined it was Ludwig shaking your shoulder and urging you to wake up. You yawned and looked up. It was the janitor, you couldn't make out what his lips said, they were mostly hidden with a large bushy mustache. You blinked at him. Was that a string coming off of each end of it. Out of complete curiosity, you reached up and gave a slight tug on the grand 'stache.
With a little resistance, it fell off, and the janitor, who looked both angry and embarrassed began a long string of curses towards you. This time, you were able to make most of them out.
He was, as you could tell irritated that you had taken it off, in fact, he seemed almost panicked. He snatched it back and quickly fastened it to his face once again, but not before you saw one of the teachers turn the corner.
You recognized this teacher, his name was Mr. Carriedo, though he taught ELC to the Spanish-speaking kids. He smiled a large goofy grin and wave
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 0 5
Hands (Boredom) by Strikxen Hands (Boredom) :iconstrikxen:Strikxen 2 3 You Are My Sunshine by Strikxen You Are My Sunshine :iconstrikxen:Strikxen 0 6
Not Alone
You looked up and saw someone trying to talk to you. Who was this? Didn't they know that no one every talked to you? Didn't they realize that you were the one that people passed in the halls, trying desperately to avoid eye-contact because you were, in fact, different than them? Obviously, this guy didn't get the memo, he was shaking your shoulder to get your attention.
You blinked at him, his lips moving, slightly turned down at the tips. You could understand what he was saying, but his question confused you.
“Are you even listening to me?”
His lips were incredibly pale, almost blending into the ghost white color of his face. His hair was just as sheet white, being contrasted only by the dark glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose.
You let his question hang in the air a moment before answering. Without making a peep, you shook your head. Of course you weren't listening, wasn't it obvious?
It must not have been, he looked frustrated and a bit offended.
“How could
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 12 18
I will keep you safe -4- (Supernatural-Hetalia)
The 4 hunters stood there blinking like idiots at what they were seeing. It just didn't make sense,  how could this person be standing right there? They were so caught off guard that they almost put down their weapons...almost.
“'ve managed to possess a country?” Russia said quietly, his voice breaking the silence that had been hanging over them.
Liechtenstein laughed at them, “Possess? Pft! That would imply effort. Please! I've had more trouble occupying newborns than her.”
The demon that stood in front of them was indeed the personification of the Principality of Liechtenstein, but with some major differences. Instead of the sweet country everyone knew her as, this one was dressed in slick black skinny jeans, a red emo-punk band shirt, and a black leather jacket. She wore thick black make-up and bright red lipstick.
Ukraine gritted her teeth, “Little Liechtenstein is such a sweet little girl...”
“Yeah, not anymore.”
Her han
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 3 17
Silent Beauty ~11~
//previously on Silent Beauty//
“B-but...” you couldn't find the words, so you looked up to Ludwig who had been quiet this whole time.
He didn't meet your eyes, “(first-name), I think it's best if you left and never talked to us again.”

The next Monday, you were a bit apprehensive to go back to your normal table, the dreamed up imaginations still running hot in your head. You knew that you had just been dreaming, but what if it were just your subconsciousness trying to bring you to light what your consciousness had been desperately trying to hide.
A word continued to intermingle with your worried and distressed thoughts. Pity. Put both hands up, middle finger slightly lower than the others, and claw the air. Like you were begging, clawing, grasping for aid. For pity.
You shook your head. How ridiculous! Why would your friends say something like that to you? Why would Ludwig say something like that to you? He...he kissed you. He wouldn't go that far if h
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 3 0
Not for All the Pomodori! ~Spamano~
Spamano Fluff
​“Awww! Lovi! You look so cute!” Spain said, causing the hot-headed Italian’s face to redden even further.
​“Goddammit, Spain!” Romano shouted, “Shut up! You’re such a jerk!” she crossed her arms and pouted.
​“But your face looks just like un tomate! And tomates are my favourite,” Spain exclaimed, giving his girl a small kiss on the cheek.
​Romana sent sharp looks in his direction, “I thought you preferred Belgium! ‘Oh Belgium, she’s sooo great! So nice and kind, I have nothing but good things to say about Belgium!’”
​“Awe, Lovi, you aren’t getting jealous, are you?” Spain asked trying to give her a hug; Romana dodged his arms.
​“Of course I’m not, you stupid tomato-bastard!” She said, “Go away! Why don’t you just be with Belgium? I’d bet she’d love that!”
​Spain finally got hi
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 5 6
I Dont Know by Strikxen I Dont Know :iconstrikxen:Strikxen 2 2
Je t'aime Jeanne (France+Jeanne d'Arc)
France sat among his many advisers. It was the 15th century and the country was war torn. The Hundred Years war had been going on for a very long time and the hatred towards England ran deep.
“That stupid English bastard! What are we supposed to do?” he asked getting fed up with all the complaining and no answers.
France was rubbing his temples in frustration when a humble young message boy walked in.
“What is it, little boy.” France asked.
“There is a woman at the door, Lord France, she requests a meeting.” he said standing straight and tall.
“What is it that she wants?” France asked.
“Monsieur, I apologize, but all she said is that in the name of God, she wanted an audience with you.” he said.
The advisors whispered amongst themselves. A woman requesting an audience with France? Who did she think she was, some sort of holy priest with the audacity to claim that she had God on her side?
France mulled it over a few minutes,
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 15 18
I Will Keep You Safe -3- (Supernatural-Hetalia)
You woke up to clammy darkness and a killer headache. At first all you could hear was the rushing sound of your blood in your head, but as you cleared your mind and focused, you could hear the sound of talking. It was distant though, you couldn't make a darn thing out. Sighing you sat up and looked around. Not a soul in sight. The ground was a freezing slick concrete, and the walls were a darker dull gray color. It didn't take you long to realize that something very vital was missing from the room.
There wasn't a single door. You stood up quickly in alarm, which proved to be a very poor decision on your part. The second you reached your feet, you were smacked in the face with a harsh wave a nausea. As soon as you stood up, you fell back down onto your butt. It was about as graceful as a vampire, dosed up with dead man's blood, running with his pants around his ankles. To say the least, you prayed no one was actually there to see your fall, but of course your luck prohibited that from h
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 7 19
Silent Beauty ~10~
You were still blushing brightly when you were dropped off that night. You thanked Ludwig and went straight inside. Naturally, your mother had half a billion questions, how the date went, if he treated you right, did he open the door for you, or if he offered you his jacket when you got cold.
You waved around your arms to get her attention again. You took a deep breath and began telling her exactly what happened that night between you and Ludwig...
“KISS?!?!” she signed with exclamation.
The sign for kiss was to gesture to your mouth, then kiss your two hands together, like other kids did in grade school to play around. The way she signed it though, she bashed her hands together, making the word seem worlds less graceful than it seemed at that moment. You shook your head and signed “kiss” yourself, but this time your hands were soft, and you touched them together gently. It made you blush and you quickly put your hands behind your back and felt yourself supp
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 3 6
Migraine (RomanoXCanada Commission)
“...” Romano sat with his hands clasped firmly over his ears, his eyes were clenched shut.
“ROMANOOOO!!” a particular bouncy Spaniard exclaimed running over, “I got a new antique sword, I love it sooooo much!!”
Romano barely looked up enough to glare daggers at him, “Go. The. FUCK. Away.” he whispered in a very threatening tone.
“Que fue eso?!” Spain asked in his normal loud tone, and looked obliviously confused when Romano got up, flipped him the bird, and stomped out of the house.
His head continued to throb. The bright sun seemed to be especially cruel that particular day. It was absolutely brutal. He walked with his head down and, despite the hot day, the hood of his jacket up. Every extra shout or roar of a passing car sent waves of nausea and pain to claw it's way into every part of his brain. He put one foot in front of the other, praying that he could find a place to seek refuge in. Some place nice and dark and--
:iconstrikxen:Strikxen 8 9
The Red String of Fate
A woman sat alone in a park, crying. The dewy mist clung to the ground on that chilly evening. And the ground looked bare. 10 years, after 10 years of love and happiness, everything was lost in two simple words.
“We're over.”
She couldn't stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. How could the two of them drift apart so easily? She didn't understand it, so she just spent the next four hours on that bench, alone, and crying. Unknown to her, a short, broken thread, crimson in color, was tied to her pinky...
“Dammit!!” a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes swore out loud, stamping the foot angrily with her foot. They stood just outside the park, standing around
“Calm down Sway!” her partner said, putting both hands up in an attempt to calm her down, “Getting mad won't help anything, you win some, you lose some.”
“How can you not be mad? That's the third string this week!” Sway exclaimed, absolutely exasperated.
The bo
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